About 300 women march and protest against the immigration law in Vic


About 300 women have marched today through downtown Vic on the occasion of the feminist strike called for today, the 8th of March.

During the route, they have stopped in front of the local court to protest against the immigration law and the fact that the civil service is not giving them appointments to renew their foreigner’s identification number (NIE).

While chanting “La llei d’estrangeria és una porqueria!” (‘the immigration law sucks’), the feminists, among which there were a lot of migrated women carrying banners in Arabic, have marched to plaça Major (the town’s main square), where a shared meal, several workshops and artistic activities will take place this afternoon until the demonstration starts, at 7 pm.

The journey in Vic started at 5 am, when feminists picketed the industrial estate and then have gone to several primary and secondary schools to hand out information pamphlets about the feminist strike, which is a labour, student, consumption and nursing strike.


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