Riot police act violently against the picket line in the Eixample Esquerra neighborhood

Images’ credit: Anna Palou / Agència 8M

An early hour picket blocked the Gran Via/ Urgell crossroad, where protesters tried to serve breakfast to the attendants.

The women, lesbians and trans that participated in the Eixample Esquerra picket line were violently dislodged by riot police. From 8.30 AM, protesters were gathered in the crossroad between Gran Via and Urgell, blocking traffic. They planned to hold a breakfast with music and banners, but the police prevented it from happening.

– Foto: Anna Palou. Violent eviction on behalf of Mossos’s riot police in Gran Vía/ Urgell. (Esquerra de l’Eixample).

Shortly after the picket started, Urban Guards and Mossos’s riot police arrived to undo the picket line. Those who participated in the protest were violently chased onto the Mar/Besos pavement by means of shoves, kicks and blows. Once they evicted the women from the picket and restored traffic, the officers left. However, the picket continued in order to carry on with the morning agenda.

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