The feminist picket in Premià de Mar blocked the N-II road as a sign of protest

Images’ credit: Agència 8M

After closing the road, those who joined the picket started a march around the whole town.

A hundred and fifty women, lesbians and trans from Premià de Mar participated in the Women’s Strike Picket of March 8th. At 8 AM, demostrations blocked the N-II road and kept open the access of the railway station to guarantee free access. Pressure from local police forced them to remove the blockage twenty minutes later.

Premià 2


The action served asa starting point for the march, that toured the whole town, including, for example, the market square. At 10 AM the march stopped in Plaça Mercè Rodoreda, where they held a mid-morning picnic, both to exchange experiences and pact reivindicative actions in order to protest against the degrading treatment suffered on behalf  of the local ginecologist. Protesters denounce that she continiously questions their sexual and affective practices, as well as she undermines their pathologies.

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Additionally, the Premià de Mar’s Strike Comitee has organized a nursing/childcare commission that was in charge of preparing breakfast and mid-morning snacks. The comission was also in charge of managing the anti-repressive area, plus a childcare service to facilitate women, lesbians and trans from Premià de Mar the attendance to this afternoon’s march in Barcelona.

For more information about the events scheduled for today’s feminist strike, please visit .

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